Can a Locksmith Open Your Car Without a Key?

Losing your car keys or locking them inside the car can be a stressful and difficult situation. But don't worry, there are solutions to help you get back in without a key. Professional locksmiths are trained to open any type of residential, commercial, or car door locks. They can also duplicate or replace keys, remove broken keys, and in some cases replace complete locks and ignition switches.

So how do locksmiths open cars without a key? The method used depends on the vehicle and varies from car to car. They may use a key analyzer or VATS passkey decoder to determine the electrical resistance values of the car. A good locksmith who is familiar with keyless entry systems knows how to reprogram the lock and unlock the car without damaging it. In addition, they may use a long piece of metal to open the car door in a way that the door was not meant to open.

You can also use a wooden wedge, an air wedge, and a rod to unlock your car if you can open the top of your car door at least a little. Finally, you can remove the windshield wipers from your car quite easily, but the method differs between each car model. Then slide the hanger down between the car window and the weatherstrip until the hook is approximately 2 inches below where the car window and door meet, near the interior door handle, which is where the control arm is normally located.

No matter what car you have, a windshield wiper can save you from having to call a locksmith to open the locked car door.

Express Locksmith is always available, even on holidays, and can quickly replicate almost any type of car key for you.

So if you ever find yourself locked out of your vehicle, don't hesitate to call a professional locksmith for help.